Finishing my MarkĀ 

After my ‘100 Marks’ brief a few weeks ago, I began taking some of the sketches I had made and refining them. You can see this is my post ‘Making my Mark’. I have recently been working to take these refined pieces to Adobe Illustrator and see if I can’t turn them into something polished. 

My first choice was to decide which of my marks I was most keen to proceed with. After consulting a few friends I happily found they all shared the same view and had a definite favourite, this was also my favourite. 

A3 – The Wave

This was given the thumbs up and so I decided to work on the finer details of it. I wanted to emphasise the precision with which it was created to highlight my ability as a designer. It had to be clean and crisp. 

As you can see here the bottom sketch is my more refined version. I used a compass to achieved perfect circles and insured that every line defining the shape was perfectly geometric. 

Logo Blue Print

Here is the first stage of the design completed. I had intended to clean away the guiding lines that set my shape, but even at this rate I realised they added something to the design. 

Filled Logo

I then filled the wave in a series of ombre shades to get a feel for the way it would look and adjust it accordingly. 

Completed piece

Here is the mark as I intended it to look. I decided to cover the guidelines where the wave sits, but leave them for the remaining area. This allows for people to grasp the theory behind the design while not interrupting its flow and leaving it looking unfinished. 

I tried to use the ombre effect within each segment of the wave to reflect the change in colour in a real wave, where the inner part of the curve is darker as it is hidden from the light. Possibly this could use some refinement and I’m sure I will do so at some point. But for now I am happy with the outcome. 


Changing Faces – Imagery

At this point my theme is well established. However I need some more imagery for the article. I decided that since I have such an abundance of candles left over from my previous piece (see previous post) that I’d so some experimentation. I wasn’t able to secure a decent camera for this so the images are from my phone.


I had the idea of using the melted wax as an implement from drawing. So I sketched out a simple map of the earth in pencil before lighting my candles and setting to work. I didn’t want to simply drip over the right areas one at a time as I thought this would not create the desired effect. I wanted a swirling, dynamic and slightly abstract image.

By smearing the lit candle across the paper and the wax dripped from it. I ended up with something similar to a watercolor. The effect of this was just what I’d hoped. There was some ash from the wick but I feel that only adds to the image. I used blue and black candles because I wanted a slightly washed out, bleak look but still bright. It was only after I finished this piece that I really thought about how I could apply it.

Earth Drippy

Here’s the Photoshop edited piece. I simple removed all the paper coloring so the image would sit nicely on my final piece without the off-white box surrounding it.


This is a continuation of the same image. I just kept on melting. I was aiming for an effect like a waxy puddle gather beneath the earth. It came out looking a little more like a platform as if the planet was on a stand however. Because of this I did a little more editing to see if I could salvage it.

Earth Melting

Here’s the final piece. I’m not entirely satisfied with the outcome but I’m happy to have explored the concept. Painting with wax offers a great dynamism to images. The depth a color and texture is really great. The images don’t really do it justice because my camera phone makes them look very flat. I’m not sure yet how I can apply this to my project but it’s a good piece to have in case it comes in handy later.