Pro Tips

The Graphic Communication faculty organised a kind of ted talk between our first year class and some second and third year students so that we could ask them about their experiences on the course and be given advice on any and all aspects of it. This was hugely informative. They explained about the resources they found most useful, ways to stay on top of workloads and told us about their own first year work and the research that went into it. I must have asked a dozen questions, I left with a much clearer image of the work ahead of me.

Type hunting around Cardiff

As part of our research into typography we were sent out into Cardiff in search of examples of typographic styles being used on signs and in shop fronts. My group was tasked with finding examples of humanist, roman and trifurcated fonts. The first two were reasonably prevalent but trifurcated fonts are clearly not in vogue, the font is reminiscent of Wild West wanted posters. This task changed my way of looking at signage, I’ve always been able to tell if I like a font or a logo without being able to articulate why exactly, but I’m coming to understand the process of judging scientifically.

Roman Typeface
Humanist Typeface






We later selected individual letterforms from one of our examples and at short notice were told to create paper cutouts to exhibition in the CSAD foyer. David explained that this was in essence a snapshot of Cardiff city centre

Course Exhibition

Introduction to Typography

Our introduction to typography was a fast paced lecture with David Wrenne and was rather mind blowing, I’d understood that typography is a complex discipline but its history and evolution was overwhelming.  The changes from calligraphy to printed, movable type in c.1436 and the typography terms we still draw from that process, such as ‘kerning’, ‘tracking’ and ‘leading’. And the minute yet vital details such as the fact that circular letter-form must be 5% larger than a square to appear equal in size and the myriad of terminology for every conceivable aspect of type. I’m eager to delve further into typography as it’s an area in which I have very little knowledge.



As homework we were assigned twenty-two relevant technical terms to define and show as illustrations. I’ve attached images of my work below.

(images to be updated)



My First Post!

After my first week at University, I’m quickly coming to terms with the intricacy and complexity of the work ahead of me. After being deluged with information all week it’s a relief to have a solid platform to catalogue the chaos. I will use this blog to document my development and learning as I progress through the BA (Hons) Graphic Communication course under lecturer David Wrenne. Highlighting my successes and failures, and how they will come to shape and mould me as a designer.