Zines Brief – #Selfie Culture

Today we were given the task of essentially doing our current ‘Changing faces’ brief. But in groups of three (Me, Celestin and Ben) and with just two hours to generate something legible. We were asked to create three double page spreads and each group blindly selected a topic from which to work. Ours was ‘Selfie culture’.

The content of the article we would be putting together was not what we were being judged on. But more our ability to create a fluid and dynamic layout in a short space of time. We quickly divided the workload. I would do the first piece exploring the history of selfies. Celestin would do work on its pro and cons (people have been known to die taking risky selfies for example). And Ben would look to the future of seflies and their place in society.


Here’s our completed piece, in order from top to bottom. We worked on three separate machines but worked from several rules to keep some level of uniformity. We wanted the pieces to clearly belong together, but not be too similar.


My Thoughts

I think it’s in the nature of designers to be self deprecating. But the moment I put my work side by side with other people’s. The floors in my own work are so clear to me. One of my main concerns with my piece is the lack of negative space. I have a tendency to fill a page to the bring and try and cram as much in as possible as if I’m paying by the page and trying to get value for money. I think possibly I have too many conflicting ideas and I want to use them all.

In all honesty I think in the rush to get this done I forgot that text was not a main focus and so I kept copying and pasting more and more and fitting it in. I very much like Celestin’s piece (center spread). It’s pace is clean and easy to follow. The text is in neat chunks with a decent gap defining each as seperate from the others. The volume of text is not overwhelming to the aesthetic of the page. The inverted colour of the camera view finder over his page wide image also have a very pleasing look which I was quite envious of.


Author: David Rothwell

I am a Graphic Communication student at Cardiff Metropolitan School of Art and Design If you like any of my work, have feedback (good or bad) or would like to get in touch, please do

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