Everything WILL Change, Including my article choice

Everything has changed. I worked for a decent while on the article ‘Can Trump Handle the Truth?’. But I  simply couldn’t be inspired. The article is very speculative and inconclusive. I understood that the subject was more about the nature of truth in society and Politics especially. And there’s a whole bunch of metaphorical imagery available there. But I’ve been interested in American politics and I feel like the topic has been covered and covered too many times. Partisan thinking relegates truth to a back seat. You believe what suits your narrative and the other side will do the same. But of course that’s idiotic at its core. The whole subject just irritates me.

After hearing about other people’s progress thus far I’ve heard some really amazing ideas being thrown around. Especially for the ‘About a Boy’ article, dealing with transgender issues. I had written that topic off. But I have since realized the powerful aspect of that article is the human element. It follows (at least partially) the experiences of transgender person called Skyler. An article like that can inspire empathy in the audience. People are drawn to human stories as they think in a common way. The Trump article just makes everyone apathetic.

My Hopefully final, final choice

Since ‘About a Boy’ is already the article of choice for so many. I sort of took a stab in the dark and went with ‘Everything Will Change’. After reading through it several times. I really like the imploring nature of the author. They explore the psychology behind the lack of momentum and will for social change and emission reduction. Citing examples of times in the past that people have sacrificed personal luxury for the greater good of society. The underlying message is also quite cool (in a morbid kind of way). It’s that if nothing is done, our own apathy and disinterest could be catastrophic for future generation or possibly current ones depending on how things turn out.

I know this fundamental change is putting me at a pretty severe disadvantage. But I was unable to progress with my original topic and if you’re not enjoying your work you may well turn in a piece of garbage. I may do that anyway, but at least it will have been something I enjoyed creating.


Author: David Rothwell

I am a Graphic Communication student at Cardiff Metropolitan School of Art and Design If you like any of my work, have feedback (good or bad) or would like to get in touch, please do

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