Experimenting with 3D Type – Potentially relevant to my brief

Lex Wilson is a Cambridge based Graphic Designer. He started creating 3D typography around 2012. Until then, he’d been illustrating detailed floral text pieces. His current work seeks to explore the relationship between semantics and form. People’s tendency towards cognitive biases, the dichotomy of ‘fast’ and ‘slow’ thinking, and the readiness of the human brain to be fooled by optical illusion. Combining brain-eye tricks, forced perspective, rendering of light and models of 3D objects to create engaging pieces that resist immediate comprehension.
I stumbled upon his work while fishing for ideas online and I was immediately captivated. I’ve always loved drawing two-dimensional shapes and then expanding them to appear three-dimensional. Adding a depth and shading areas to make the object stand proud of its surroundings or appear to sink into the page.
The creation of a three-dimensional vision on a two-dimensional plain is such an amazing thing to look at when done correctly. Lex Wilson’s work appears flawless to the minutest detail. I’ve always been a fan of line drawing and this feels like the perfect way to utilize that.
This is an old doodle I did and it was only when I’d finished I realized how much more depth it would have had If I’d included more three dimensional imagery.
IMG_20170424_173402_191IMG_20170423_142819_656Curve Type
 I’m very happy with the outcome of the three pieces I have created so far. All three make use of different perspectives and are made based on my best guesses of depth perception and understanding how shadows would fall. In the ‘INCLINE’ piece, I drew a tiny dot on the page to act as my light source and simply hand drew estimations of the shadows cast by that light. In the other’s a sort of made it up and sadly it shows slightly.

Changes Faces Brief

In the article I have selected (and am 99% certain I’ll follow through with) the topic of Donald Trump’s questionable performance as US President and generally as an honest and moral person is discussed. It is believed by numerous political commentators, social scientists and even a former political adviser to Trump, that his success is based on falsehoods of a kind. He uses his voice and influence to confuse issues, change the subject and deny verifiably true things until potential opposition has no avenue to debase him because nobody knows what to believe.

I want to use visual metaphor to convey this in my publication. I’ve got several ideas. Such as him building a wall out of false statements of his or sitting atop a throne of same. (Throne of Lies) or even others being crushed by the sheer weight of words that have been floated about Trump. At this point, the world media is so saturated with his voice, his image and his actions that people are becoming apathetic about the things he is doing. I want to demonstrate this.


Changing stance on abortion back and forth – https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-fix/wp/2016/04/03/donald-trumps-ever-shifting-positions-on-abortion/?utm_term=.225ed9a6aa91

“Fake News!” –


Baseless phone tapping allegations –


‘Drug dealers, criminals, rapists’: What Trump thinks of Mexicans


Keeping tabs on Trump statements –

  • Electoral College victory not biggest since Reagan
  • Trump’s flip-flop on leaks
  • Exaggerated poll numbers
  • etc



Author: David Rothwell

I am a Graphic Communication student at Cardiff Metropolitan School of Art and Design If you like any of my work, have feedback (good or bad) or would like to get in touch, please do

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