Changes Faces – Choices, choices

Our latest brief consists of taking a written article and creating a publication from it. A five page spread with complete creative freedom on page layout, accompanying illustrations etc. We’ve been given a total of 10 potential article from which to create our piece. My first step has been to read them and make a decision on which to proceed with. Or at least, to narrow down my choices.

It’s pretty rudimentary so I didn’t feel it was worth including images of my process. But I simply read through each article, summarized it, and gave it a rating out of 10.

A Decade Lived in the Dark – A woman’s struggle with a mysterious skin condition that lead to hide from strong natural and artificial light due to the burning sensation it caused in her skin.


About a Boy – The story of a female to male transgender individual called Skylar which documents her experience and the issues facing the transgender community as a whole as they struggle for acceptance in society.


Brexit was a War, and we Won” – A story looking at Aaron Banks, a powerful and passionate seeker of UK independence, and the largest donor to the leave campaign with total donations of approx £7m. The story details his reasons for wanting to leave, his issues with the status quo and his aspirations for the future of the UK.


Ending the 21st Century Slave Trade – Story highlighting the reality of the modern slave trade and its impact. Follows a man’s fight to free people in forced servitude.


Can Trump Handle the Truth? – Documenting the brief but eventful time Donald Trump has been President of the US. A general look at the backseat fact based claims have taken in his administration and the so called ‘post truth’ era he has brought about. Focuses on the ‘wire tapping scandal’ where Trump claims the Obama administration tapped the communications of Trump Tower to help sway the elections against him. This claim made with no evidence and consistently refuted by US intelligence agencies.


Everything will Change – Exploring the reasons why there seems to be such a lack of momentum for environmental causes in the wake of massive evidence suggesting climate change may be being brought about by human action and could be catastrophic. Explores previous times when Governments put out the call for action when threats were immediate and people promptly responded and then compares.


Bitcoin Coder fighting ISIS – The story, some of it autobiographical, of a self described anarchist left winger who is instrumental in developing Bitcoin to subvert National Governments. But instead finds himself lending support to Kurdish militias in Iraq and Syria in the fight against ISIS.


Facebook AI Classes

*Given that I had read promising articles that really drew me in already, after skimming this, I knew there would be no possibility of it being my final choice and so I left it there. It just wasn’t interesting to me from the start*


Is Fat Killing you. Or is Sugar? – Details the controversy among health professionals that has been ongoing since the 1960s about which is the primary cause of poor health in people. Fat or sugar?


Silicon Valley’s quest to live forever – Silicon Valley is the name given to America’s tech hub. The focus of this article is the pursuit of extended or even eternal life which more and more companies are beginning to align themselves with. The article explores the possible repercussions of these ventures and the ethical problems they might entail.


My Thoughts

All in all I was very impressed with the wide variety of subjects provided as material. They explore many of the great conundra that modern society faces. Some, such as Climate Change, I have decided against simply because they’ve been done to death and I don’t feel I have anything new to offer. Some simply weren’t topics that appeal to me in the slightest.

I have narrowed my potential articles down to three. And they are:

21st Century Slave Trade – I’ve heard that the number of slaves in the modern day is vastly more than in the so called ‘ times of slavery’, but I really don’t know much about the subject. I also have some ideas for illustrations and statistical visualizations that would work. Such as a map of the world with a measure of the slaves in each country.

Can Trump Handle the Truth? – I follow American politics quite closely, ever since covering it in my Politics A Level. The goings on in that political sphere just blow me away. I also feel that America is a Country that relies so heavily on symbolism for everything. They have giant logos, crests and symbols for all things Government and political. I could do a lot with that in terms of illustration.

Bitcoin to Fighting ISIS – I’ve heard a lot about Bitcoin and how it subverts Governments and is considered by its users as a force for good. But is dangerous s it can be used for untraceable purchasing of drugs, weapons and people etc. It’s really shady and I’d like to learn more. I also follow the events in the Middle East quite closely. I read about the giant scrum in Syria and Iraq between Assad, ISIS, The Kurds and various Rebel Groups. It’s something I’d like to learn more about.


Author: David Rothwell

I am a Graphic Communication student at Cardiff Metropolitan School of Art and Design If you like any of my work, have feedback (good or bad) or would like to get in touch, please do

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