Finishing my Animation

My role in our animated film was to create the first three scenes. The last of those depicts Emily being attacked by the computer mouse. The idea behind this is as a visual metaphor demonstrating the unseen dangers of using the internet, the harm, while unseen, is very real.

I first had to rebuild the background of Emily’s room from a side on perspective. Using my judgement and recording the swatches from the previous backgrounds, I recreated the scene as accurately as possible. Scale being less important as all the elements depicted are important and I could use the excuse that their size is exaggerated to enhance the scene.

side desk

This was my first model for the desk space. i animated from this base. Emily, the mouse and the car were all independent layers. I was aware before starting that this scene would be the most difficult to animate. Having Emily fall backwards with arms flailing and her reaction to being attacked by the mouse would be time consuming but perfectly doable. The mouse, however, would be tricky.

Here is my final scene in all its mediocre glory. You will notice the monitor has been updated to include the Facebook style page. The main issue I had with animating lal my scenes up to this point was the preview. The real time render rate is usually 20fps or less. Which means the preview doesn’t accurately show how quickly things move within the animation. This gave me huge difficulty making scenes appear the same in terms of speed of motion. Camera adjustments in Scenes one and two were far too fast and required significant change. Equally the part here where Emily falls backwards is a little slow for my liking.

My biggest issue with this scene is the motion of the mouse. I did a great deal of research into finding a way, using a path or something to have the mouse cord move and flow like a flexible living object, in the manner of a snake. I was completely unable to understand how to achieve this and sothrough necessity i was forced to draw in sections of the cord in after animating the mouse. This was less than ideal and leaves a lot to be desired. There are gaps as the mouse moves and no flexing of the chord.

This final scene was as difficult as I thought it would be to complete. However I knew the addition of audio would do a lot to fill in the gaps. Audio helps to convey the spirit of what on the screen. Emily’s hand moving and jerking across the keyboard looks very crude. But with the addition of keyboard clicking sounds it’s far more convincing.

The next stage will be to stitch our work together into a final composition and include our audio files. I have also been unwillingly volunteered to narrate our project by democratic vote (2 to 1).


Author: David Rothwell

I am a Graphic Communication student at Cardiff Metropolitan School of Art and Design If you like any of my work, have feedback (good or bad) or would like to get in touch, please do

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