Group Discussion on Animation Topic


Our first task in our new animation brief was to each decide on a topic that we felt strongly about. Go away and research said topic, and then bring what we had to a group discussion and pitch it to the group.  Unfortunately, only two of our group of four were able to attend this discussion. Myself and Jenny.

My pitch, which is outlined by my research in a previous blog post, was centred around Healthcare. The system of healthcare we have in place in the UK currently (The NHS), the pressures placed upon it (funding and staff shortages, political opposition etc), and the emphasis on its necessity as an institution.

The exact nature of my topic was still rather broad as I wanted it to be flexible and possibly to incorporate other topics within it, making it as appealing to the group as possible. For example we could look comparatively at healthcare in other countries, healthcare availability and cost , issues surrounding reproductive rights for women, unjustifiable price increases for essential medicines in some countries for personal gain of manufacturers.




We narrowed our topic pool down to our personal favourites and continued to refine them. Mine remaining the NHS but more focused on the hiking of prices for medicine that have been frequent in the news in recent year and/or the need for compassion in a society. And Jenny’s being the Migrant crisis, possibly centring around the story of a migrant who became a model member of society in becoming a doctor and helping the population that gave him asylum, with a message of general goodness being cyclical.

NHS – Compassion

  • The general idea of this would be to show the direct compassion that seems inherent in humanity,
  • ‘humans are a social species who care for one another, even animals show compassion’
  • Clips of people instinctively helping other and animals:

Just a few potential examples.

  • Caparison between direct and indirect compassion. e.g most people would help someone they saw in danger or in need. But people vote for parties that would strip benefits from those who need them (disability benefits etc) because it saves them some tax money.
  • This would include possible clips of politicians scapegoating vulnerable groups


Pharmaceutical Monopolies

  • Examples:

  • Explanation of the impact this has on people, medical bankruptcies etc.
  • NHS is already struggling, this will damage it further


Migrant Crisis/Syrian Doctor

  • Dispel the myths about ‘ taking our jobs’ and ‘living happily off benefits’. Two paradoxical ideas.
  • Illustrate the suffering and pain of asylum seekers from those countries
  • Seek to humanise these people, they are often seen merely as statistics and numbers
  • Use a narrative to show that immigration is not simply a valueless burden on the host nation.




My Thoughts

Regardless of the outcome of this stage of the process and whichever topic we finally land on as the one to carry on with. I am happy to have had the experience. Proffering my ideas and having other ideas counter them. It has been interesting to learn about topics that my piers hold strong views on and to debate the minutia of each topic and our feelings on the nature of the problems and the most effective solutions.




Author: David Rothwell

I am a Graphic Communication student at Cardiff Metropolitan School of Art and Design If you like any of my work, have feedback (good or bad) or would like to get in touch, please do

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