Design as Activism – Animation Brief

In our new brief we were asked to create a 45-60 second long animated video as part of a campaign that explores graphic design, animation and illustration. The video would be aimed as raising awareness of a certain issue, or correcting commonly held perceptions of topics that may be misrepresented.

Even as the brief was being set, I had amassed a list of potential topics I would be eager to cover:

  • Proper source vetting in news media
  • Animal Welfare
  • The ongoing migrant crisis
  • Homelessness across the UK (there is very limited accommodation for homeless in my home of Swansea)
  • Climate Change
  • Rise of xenophobia and the right wing in the West (Could tie into the migrant crisis)
  • The War in Syria (also ties into the migrant crisis)
  • Trump’s America (migration, racism, sexism, government overreach)
  • Sustainability (ties into my first term constellation and climate change)
  • Social Welfare Decline (benefit cuts and NHS is being broken down)

All of these are major issues ongoing in the world today that I take a keen interest in. I am aware that many people have a lack of information or are apathetic about them. For example, in my recent trip to London there were homeless people around every busy road or railway station. I would find it very engaging and fulfilling to create a piece of design that would have the potential to reach an audience and change peoples minds.

All of this being said, in this project only one topic can be chosen as any more would be impossible to convey clearly in a minute of less. And besides as part of a group of four, I have to work with others and compromise on all aspects. It could be that none of these topics are the chosen one.

Image result for nhs logo

We agreed that each of us had a decent cause to argue in favour of and that we should each research our issue and report back and hash out among the group which would be chosen. I have elected to research the NHS and its decline in recent years under Tory Governance. I was accident prone as a child and owe a lot to a free healthcare service that patched me up numerous times from rugby and other sporting injuries.

Relevant Articles

Excerpt: “Why Medical Bills Are Killing Us”


Author: David Rothwell

I am a Graphic Communication student at Cardiff Metropolitan School of Art and Design If you like any of my work, have feedback (good or bad) or would like to get in touch, please do

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