Ephemera Project – Veronica Fuerte

Veronica Fuerte is primarily a graphic designer working for Hey Studios, a design studio based in Barcelona, Spain. Hey was founded in 2007 with the idea of transforming ideas into communicative graphics. They specialise in brand identity, editorial design and illustration. Their work leans heavily on geometry, color and direct typography. As well as working with large companies such as Apple, Vodafone, Three, Turkish Airlines and General Electric, they undertake what they call ‘side projects’ with the aim of playing with new ideas, pushing creative boundaries and developing a passion that is then injected into client’s work. In 2014, they opened an online shop, a place  in their words ‘to share our passion for typography, illustration and bold graphics.’


Veronica Fuerte has a strong social media presence across multiple platforms which gives a catalogue of her work. It’s clear that her work is in keeping with the stated goals of they Hey Studio. Her work is crisp and minimalist using simple block colours in geometric patterns. Her Instagram profile contains much interesting work.


The work she creates has a beautiful simplicity that is very pleasing to the eye. The simplistic geometry will certainly effect the manner in which I display her double page in my project. With each of my artists I hope to subtly emulate their style. With Veronica Fuerte I believe this will be not only easy but profitable.


Author: David Rothwell

I am a Graphic Communication student at Cardiff Metropolitan School of Art and Design If you like any of my work, have feedback (good or bad) or would like to get in touch, please do

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