Reviewed Rockwell Poster

Pre-review finalised poster

For the presentation of our posters we were displaying our work to Ian, a lecturer for the second year students. He evaluated our pieces and discussed with us the aspects he thought were promising and areas that needed work or simply removing all together. The changes he asked of me were:

  • To cut the edges from the printed piece.

This was a matter of presentation, I hadn’t thought to trim the edges of the page left blank by the printer. Something that required no digital changes.

  • The piece is too full and the Hierarchy is not clear.

I knew this on presenting the work. I was unable to decide what to remove and so wanted advice and guidance from Ian in the presentation. The issue with the hierarchy was largely that the numerals were overshadowing the the rest of the page. This was a consequence of final touch ups done by me. At the last moment I decided to invert the colouring of the poster to make it stand out more. Seeing that the numerals were very dark on printing I lightened them. I may have overdone it somewhat leaving them overpowering when compared to the rest of the piece.

I was pleased to hear that other than these reasonably minor changes he was largely happy with my work. Of all our tasks, I think this was the most confusing. The range of styles an designs available were so wide and varied. I tried to utilise features I liked, however they didn’t necessarily mesh very well. Here I’m talking about the slanted type combined the the grey bar through the center of the page. I’m eager to maintain both aspects but to find a better way of incorporating them.


Rockwell reviewed.jpg
Post review poster

With this new piece I have made efforts to improve on the sub-par elements of my previous design. My first change was the revert to the original colour scheme which immediately helped greatly to reduce the overfilled appearance of the poster. I also returned the numerals to they’re faint grey colour.

I realised another easy way to reduce the clutter of the poster was to increase the area of negative space on the page. The simplest and least disruptive method for achieving this was simply to shrink the entire piece to give it a border of empty white space. I of course extended the the grey bar to the edges of the page to avoid a cutoff, shabby appearance. My last change was to remove the ‘1934’ from the central grey bar where it’s layout did not conform with the style of the rest of the poster and to include it to my slanted text. Keeping the year of the typeface’ creation on the page was important to me. However this way it fit into the poster with greater fluidity.

I was hugely impressed with the work of my peers and would have liked to work on some of their ideas. However I am content that I used my own ideas and didn’t rip my piece straight off some other designer’s creation and call it my own. My piece is an original and despite its shortfalls I am satisfied that it is a competent piece of design.


Author: David Rothwell

I am a Graphic Communication student at Cardiff Metropolitan School of Art and Design If you like any of my work, have feedback (good or bad) or would like to get in touch, please do

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