Cardiff in Photographs

As part of our work in Graphic Communication, David split us into groups with a photography task in Cardiff. We were given four terms to attempt to capture in any way we wanted with imagery of Cardiff. We would shortlist our collected images until we had four final pieces to edit in Photoshop before presenting them to our peers. Our group’s four terms were:

  • W’exit
  • Concrete Jungle
  • Land of our Fathers
  • City of the Unexpected

I set out to take as many pictures as I could to give me the greatest choice to draw from when it came to editing.

As you can see I wasn’t wanting for inspiration, Cardiff is a city packed with interesting architecture and art. The question of which images to use was a democratic vote among the group. We all picked our own, favourites, edited them and presented them to the group to see if it would suit a certain category.


Unedited Image
Finished Piece

I thought this image would be perfect for the ‘Land of our Fathers’ image. It features Sir Tasker Watkins, President of the Welsh Rugby Union 1993 to 2004, standing proud in front of what was formerly the Millennium Stadium , home of Welsh Rugby. This seems especially appropriate since rugby is such an integral part of Welsh history.

     As someone who has no training in photography, I was quite pleased with the image but not overwhelmed, I thought it was okay. David told me he thought it was exceptional and could picture it in a magazine. I was shocked but we unanimously agreed it would be the image for ‘Land of our Fathers’ for our group.

Unedited Image


Finished Image

‘W’exit’ was an especially tricky image to capture. But it was a colleague of mine who came up the with the idea of incorporating a fire exit sign into the image. It’s such a simple image. It so obviously gives the impression of an exit, an image seen on a daily basis that people take no real notice of. Unfortunately, this only solved half our problem as we couldn’t find a way to incorporate this with Wales. After our other options were exhausted, I decided to slightly edit the photo and insert a Walsh flag into it with a little Photoshop trickery.

We did use this image in our final presentation as well as that of the Millennium Stadium, for which I was deeply gratified. On presentation people were impressed by the ‘W’exit’ picture and I was pleased to find nobody spotted the small change I had made. I did however feel obliged to point out my deception at the end of the presentation and it made several people a little cross.

I learned an awful lot with this task, for starters, simply how to take a decent picture with a bog standard smartphone camera which was a surprise. As well as this, however, I learned what it took to create an impression with an image and how important photography can be in communicating a message. As with most of my assignments thus far, I learned more at the presentation stage than any other. Having the lecturers explain in detail what worked and what didn’t helps me refine my process and improve for next time. As well as this, seeing other’s work is always inspiring. At every presentation stage I’ve looked at other people’s work and though ‘Damn, I wish I’d thought to do that.’ Some of the other groups work was exceptional and if I can get hold of it I will be sure to post it at a later stage on this blog.




Author: David Rothwell

I am a Graphic Communication student at Cardiff Metropolitan School of Art and Design If you like any of my work, have feedback (good or bad) or would like to get in touch, please do

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