Rockwell Typeface Research

The first website I am visiting for my research is called Typedia.  It simply categorises and gives a brief overview of the typeface and its history.

Research Paragraph 1: Provide historical insight into the type designer

  • The original Rockwell was produced by the Inland type foundry in 1910, which issued it as Litho Antique; American Type Founders revived the face in the 1920s.
  • The Monotype Corporation produced its version of Rockwell in 1934, and that is the typeface commonly referred to by Rockwell today.
  • Frank Hinman Pierpont was the man behind the 1934 incarnation of the typeface.

Monotype Corporation

  • The Monotype Corporation is home to some of the most popular and influential typefaces ever created, including Times New Roman, Arial and Grill Sans
  • Many of these typeface designs were created under the direction of Stanley Morrison, the famous British Typographer.
  • This font library, developed over the last 100 years, is known for its depth and strength in book printing and newspaper publishing.

Frank Hinman Pierport

  • Lived 1860-1937
  • By 1894, he was working for Loewe AG in Berlin, where the Typograph typesetting machine was designed.
  • He was director of the Typograph typesetting machine factory from 1896.
  • He moved to England in 1899 and became foundry manager at Monotype.

Research Paragraph 2: Information about the typeface

  • Rockwell is a slab-serif typeface.
  • Rockwell is a “geometric” slab-serif, with a monoline construction with all strokes appearing to be roughly the same width and its capital ‘O’ roughly circular
  • This gives it a similar impression to common sans-serif of the period like Akzidenz Grotesk, Franklin Gothic, or Futura.
  • It is influenced by a style of geometric slab serif that had become popular released around the time, including the earlier Memphis and Beton, and less similarly Stymie and City.
  • Originally the font was designed for metal, machine printed type. But it’s popularity has remained such that it has been digitised although the shadowed weight has not been.
  • Distributors of the font include Adobe,, FontShop and Linotype.

Rockwell Characteristics

Research Paragraph 3: The context in which the font is used in type

  • Companies such as Malibu Rum, Marshall Amplifiers use it on their products.  It’s also in vogue for posters and magazine advertising.

Rockwell Usage

  • Rockwell appears to be a very bold and attention grabbing font used in small doses to attract the attention of an audience.  Although it is a serif font, it is bold and heavyset, making it a poor choice for large pages of text.
  • Its non calligraphic design makes it clunky to read in more than short bursts.
Example of the full typeface






Author: David Rothwell

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